Paprika Origins

Paprika is an international spice, which is grown in many countries around the globe. For our local consumption this speciality crop is grown in Southern Africa.

Paprika Powder

Paprika is a red spice powder that is manufacture by milling the dried pods of the mild and heat free variety of the Chillie plant known as (Capsicum annuum L.)

Food Application

Paprika is a spice that is often overlooked by South African cooks. Utilising the natural bright red colour of the Paprika powder allows the chef to make drab dishes look alive and tantalising. But more over, Paprika is an interesting spice, in that it can be used for much more than a colouring agent, as it acts as a natural flavour enhancer and creates a favourable mouth feel to all foods. At the same time it has no typical spicy flavour, which then allows the natural aroma and taste of the food to prevail. Paprika (Capsicum) is also well documented as having many health benefits.


Our quality Paprika Powder is available in several grades, dependant on customer specifications, and is packed according to specific customer needs. All product is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis and Sudan Red Certification. Please contact us to obtain samples and pricing.