Our Products

Spice & Herbs

To a large degree the vast majority of these products are now imported from various countries around the world and as such we ensure that only the best quality raw material are received and processed in our fully inclusive production facility. Our warehouse inventory covers the full range of Spice & Herbs in their various forms of Milled Powder, Rubbed and Whole. All of this range is available in both 1kg packs and 25kg Bags according to customer requirement.

Spice Blends

Utilising our long standing expertise and the pure spices available from our production facility, we are able to formulate and blend an extensive range of blended Spice to meet our customer’s specific requirement. In addition we have a vast range of high quality proven formulation blends available off the shelf, in various pack sizes.

Speciality Curries and Masala’s

As with the spice blends above, Curries and Masala’s remain a firm favourite in our province and as such we have a proven range of popular flavours and heat blends.

Soups and Soya Mince

Our range of tasty Soup blends are produced with the highest quality ingredients and can be used to enhance staple foods or just as a normal soup. We also offer Soya Mince blends which can be used to enhance the Gravy and Flavour of various cooked stew dishes.