In order to back our statement :-

“From Source to your Factory”

We have established an Agricultural Division whose prime aim it is to nurture and provide professional advice to our entire farmer base. These farmers range from large long standing farms to special small scale farm projects which are emerging around the country. It is with these in mind that our Agronomist provides one on one assistance and advise on all aspects of Paprika and Spice farming.

Natpro Spicenet has a long standing history of farmer assistance with special reference to small scale farmers and their efforts to become at one with the country’s food requirements.

We have also implemented a Sustainable Agriculture Program for our paprika. We are proud to promote the use of farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, biodiversity and animal welfare.  This form of agriculture enables us to help produce healthy food without compromising the future generations’ ability to do the same.